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Kiryluk Lab

Kidney Dashboard

The Kidney Dashboard is an integrated tool for synthesis of data available in the electronic health records (EHR) of patients with information provided by clinicians, patients and researches designed for deployment in the nephrology clinics at Columbia University. The first goal of the Kidney Dashboard is to improve the care of nephrology patients by visually summarizing EHR data and incorporating disease-specific clinical decision support tools for clinicians. The second objective is to facilitate genetic and epidemiologic research of kidney disorders at Columbia University.

The dashboard integrates relevant clinical data, including structured EHR data (e.g. trends in glomerular filtration rate), as well as data that is only available in narrative form but can be extracted using natural language processing methods (e.g. prognostic tissue markers extracted from kidney biopsy reports), with patient-supplied information (e.g. family history provided via patient portal) and disease-specific decision support tools (e.g. automated calculation of ESRD risk). The dashboard also aims to improve patient participation in research by verifying eligibility criteria and keeping track of active studies. Lastly, the dashboard performs automated phenotyping for the purpose of genetic studies of kidney disorders.

The project is sponsored by:

Columbia Division of Nephrology
Columbia Irving Institute for Translational Research
Columbia Department of Biomedical Informatics